iPadCTO reviews iFormBuilder

“iFormBuilder Delivers iOS Apps in a Minute”

Last month iPadCTO, a resource for all things new with the iPad, business applications and executive training, reviewed iFormBuilder for the iPad. Highlighted in the review are iFormBuilder’s capabilities as a simple but effective platform for mobile data collection. What really surprised the reviewers at iPadCTO was how quick a business can set up a fully functioning app with iFormBuilder. Our deployment speed is second to none for mobile data collection, and within hours even, you can have a fully functioning app using the iFormBuilder platform.

“Literally, I had my first database app configured and running on my iPad in about 60 seconds.”

iPadCTO also highlighted iFormBuilders integration capabilities and even spelled out a full walk-through of setting up a fully functioning data collection application with iFormBuilder. And with a quick integration into iForm2Dash, iPadCTO was able to track data updates almost instantly from anywhere. Be sure to check out iPadCTO for more news and updates on iPad applications and development.

“Creating very complex, multi-form business apps with iFormBuilder is very easy to do, so this demo app doesn’t even begin to touch on the possibilities.”

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