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  • MacWorld Looks at New Enterprise Market, Nods to iFormBuilder

    Mac World, syndicated from Computer World’s Macintosh Knowledge Center recently published an article on the emergence of new “consumer” devices, like the iPod Touch and iPad in manufacturing and other industries titled, “The iPad takes on manufacturing” In it they look at a wide range of business turning to devices once considered strictly for “consumer” use to solve the problems inherent in the mobile enterprise market. In it they profile Markley Enterprises and their use of the iPad and iForm.

    It’s a market that us here at Zerion Software have been touting since our inception. It’s a market that combines both companies who are tired of the long lead times and complications of the traditional mobile enterprise model and small business looking to gain from benefits of a newly opened market that previously was too expensive to access on their scale. At Zerion Software and iFormBuilder we have dubbed that new market “The Smart Enterprise™” for quick thinking big business and forward thinking small business.

    Here are some excerpts from the article:

    “We’ve tried in the past to collect data with forms, but it just wasn’t reliable and it took too much time.” – Tim Markley, Markley Enterprises

    “We’re a small company, and our resources are limited. This is something we did that didn’t cost a lot, and we’re finding big results.” – Tim Markley, Markley Enterprises

    “Using Zerion Software’s iForm data-capture app from the Apple App Store (pricing varies), Markley’s IT group designed a quality-control process whereby workers collect data about the physical status of pending jobs, using video and voice to annotate observations and problems.
    The iPad text data is fed wirelessly into the WMS, where it can be analyzed for trends and where workers can request help solving problems.” – Beth Stackpole, Computerworld

    Full Article Here

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