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  • iFormBuilder’s Sze Wong joins the discussion at MoDev–Washington DC

    Sze Picture2/21/2011–The mobile development community in Washington DC, where Zerion Software makers of iFormBuilder is based, reflects a convergence of innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit and careful, sound, almost skeptical business practices aimed at finding stable markets to build towards. This community congregated for a night of networking and discussion at the MoDev Washington DC meeting this past week at TeqCorner in Mclean, Virginia.

    iFormBuilder’s CEO and Co-Founder, Sze Wong, joined mobile development leaders in the Washington Metro area for a panel discussion exploring the challenges and future of mobile development. Joining Sze were Michael Pratt, COO of Cardstar; Barg Upender, CEO of Mobomo; Scott Suhy, Board Member at PointAbout; and Dave Wolf, VP of Strategy at Cynergy Systems.

    Focusing on business development techniques, venture capital and new and developing stable markets, the panel discussed challenges presented by the opening of consumer technologies into the enterprise market. “This whole new phase of mobile development is all about converting a hobbyist atmosphere into business one,” said Sze Wong. “So you have developers who are also entrepreneurs; looking to make business sense of these new opportunities.”

    Within the mobile development world, iFormBuilder, along with other mobile developers for the iOS, Android and other mobile platforms, straddle the line between enterprise and consumer products. With the emergence of these products as real solutions for a diverse range of businesses, a new paradigm in mobile development has emerged, creating a market for a completely new type of company. “Concept to reality is now days versus months. There’s no IT build-out, REALLY! It’s you show up, and the next day the application is out in the field,” said Sze Wong. “And that has to be built into your plan, into your marketing strategy, and any further development plans you wish to implement.”

    The panel diverged on use of venture capital for business development. They shared their experience, good and bad, with accepting the monetary and might I add restrictive weight of venture capital. Regardless of their views on outside capital in development endeavors, the dedication needed to develop a strong, robust start-up, was lauded across the panel.  “At the end of the day, it’s a test of your will power–are you willing to be your own boss,” said Sze Wong. “Everyone will try to own you along the way, each and every day, and you have to have the determination to stay the course. It’s natural selection, and are you willing to give up your big salary to ensure you’re the boss?”

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