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  • Disruptathon event powered by exZact


    On January 20, 2010, several key innovators came together to show their “game changing” mobile web applications at Disruptathon in Washington, D.C.  The idea behind the event was to provide a platform for Telcom/Media technology companies to show their latest innovations. Attendee’s were issued iPod touch’s to use the Disruptathon application powered by Zerion Software’s exZact data collection platform, to rate presenters and provide feedback. Over 100 attendees used the platform to choose the most disruptive innovation presented at the Disruptathon.

    View Video – Disruptathon, January 2010, Washington DC

  • exZact platform presented at Silicon Valley NewTech

    At the January 5 Silicon Valley NewTech MeetUP, Chris Reichart of Zerion Software presented their exZact data collection platform.  The platform launched in the summer of 2009. He walks through an application used by a current customer – Fresh One. Fresh One uses the exZact product for inspection of their products at various locations. They have created a form that allows the user to be prompted to look at packaging, freshness date, etc. The user, while mobile, checks each product at each location and submits data on a form created in exZact, then sends the data to a hosted server. The customer is able to view the data collected as well as view a map of where it was collected via a GPS capability. exZact also allows for offline coverage and sends when you are online again. Zerion Software is constantly enhancing this product. Look for future updates soon including an Android and iPad client…

    exZact presentation at NewTechMeetUp in Silicon Valley

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