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  • exZact Presented to CAC at Bloomsburg University

    Chris Reichart of Zerion Software presented the exZact Data Collection Platform to the Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) and students from Bloomsburg University”s MSIT Program.  Chris begins with a brief summary of his career and how he co-developed and launched the exZact data collection product. It all began with an online game – “Rochambeau” – which after three months of its launch date had obtained more than 10,000 users worldwide with no marketing efforts behind it. It was at this point they knew they were on to something. After dabbling in gaming, came the creation of “Vote Report” which allowed users to receive live reports of voting poll waiting lines on their mobile phones. Thus making it easy and convenient to know when to vote. This application was also an instant hit. Then, in the summer of 2009 the ExZact data collection product was launched at the NY Tech Show. Soon customers like Hershey, Fresh One and Gensler signed on. Customers had been looking for the ability to build forms and access data while mobile. ExZact allows a customer to create a form, collect data, submit information, view forms and access data – from a mobile location. All for $50 a month for 5 users – a price point that is hard to beat.

    exZact Presented to Bloomsburg University MSIT Corporate Advisory Council

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