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  • First Disruptathon with exZact

    At last week’s Smart Phone Meetup group in DC, we ran our first Disruptathon with exZact as the voting platform. During the 2 hour event, 9 people presented and the group uses their iPhones and Twitter to vote for the best presenter.

    We are happy that exZact performed flawlessly during the voting and Classics2GO came out as the winner.

    Zerion will partner with Technology Frontiers to run 6 Disruptathon events around the country in the coming months. First event will be on October 28 in Washington D.C.

    Stay tunned.

  • FreshOne chooses iFormBuilder (formerly exZact) to solve their mobile data collection needs

    fresh0ne_logoFreshOne needed a solution, which would allow them to create custom forms, capture data at locations across the US, and send it back to the main office in real-time, for instantaneous data reporting.

    “Using the exZact platform adds value to our brand, customers and partners. The ability to perform onsite inspections and audits and share that information instantly gives us a clear competitive advantage.”- Donald D. Janacek, President of Fresh One.

    Zerion’s exZact mobile platform helps FreshOne meet their business challenges by supporting the following functionality:
    * Custom form creation and management – FreshOne customer service and merchandising personnel can create and manage custom software inspection forms to replace all their paper based forms

    * ‘Over the air’ form distribution – Forms are delivered instantly to FreshOne’s mobile workforce, anywhere in the US

    * ‘In and out of coverage’ data collection – FreshOne’s mobile workforce can collect data anywhere, anytime, and send it back to the home office when in network coverage

    * Onsite data capture, validation, and data transfer capability – FreshOne eliminated the need for manual data entry into their back-office computer system, saving time, money, and data entry errors

    * Data viewing and sharing with other applications in multiple formats, including Excel, HTML, PDF, List, Map, XML, JSON, RSS, and ATOM – FreshOne office personnel can view and share data instantly, without waiting for field personnel to return to the home office

    * On Demand Report printing – FreshOne employees can print reports on demand to support governmental report filing requirements


  • Zerion Seeking Interesting Projects to Donate iPhone Survey Platform

    The exZact mobile survey offering is a universal mobile data collection platform, currently leveraging the iPhone and iPod touch. The platform provides a secure, scalable, and efficient solution for mobile survey data collection.

    Previous winners of The George Washington University’s Golden Dot Award, sponsored by the Institute for Politics, Democracy, and Internet, Zerion Software is looking to expand upon the successes of ‘Twitter Vote Report’ and ‘Inauguration Report’, both of which won the Best Mash-up category. These projects, far reaching in scope, leveraged social networking technology to document political events.

    Zerion Software’s exZact Mobile Survey Platform utilizes the same base technology in a generic form, so now any organization can utilize this award winning technology.

    “We are looking for an opportunity to donate our software to an individual or organization, which we feel has a compelling idea or project that would benefit from our technology.” – Sze Wong, President of zerion Software.

    All interested parties should email their contact information, a brief description of their project or event, and how they see the platform helping them achieve their goals. Please send correspondence to zerion Software. zerion will notify the winning recipient(s) of the donation directly.

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  • International Forms

    The iFormBuilder mobile platform (formerly exZact) is now Unicode compliance. Watch this video to see a few forms that we built in German, French and Chinese. Even a dynamic multilingual form that switches between English and French.

  • Zerion Software offers Free Trial of iPhone Data Collection Platform

    Zerion Software today launches an updated version of their exZact data collection platform for the iPhone and iPod touch client with a 30-day free trial. The exZact mobile client, iFormBuilder web application, and DataViewer web application, work together as a complete solution for mobile data collection. To take advantage of the free server account trial, users must have the ‘Full’ iPhone/iPod touch client, which is available from the App store for $4.99.

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