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  • Our Mobile Vision

    Traditional mobile business technologies cost too much and are out of reach for most small and medium size businesses (SMB). That’s why we set out to create a mobile business platform that is as effective as the ones being used by the enterprises, but yet affordable to most small medium size businesses. With a subscription model, our clients can enjoy the productivity gain and cost reduction for no more than a cup of coffee a day. With exZact, your local delivery company can be as impressive as big companies like UPS.

    Making mobile business solutions affordable isn’t easy. That’s why almost all companies in this area only service the big companies, where they can spend millions on each project. However, we too, are a small business, so we work very hard in making our solution suitable for small businesses.

    Like the iPhone, we grow and expand rapidly. While data collection is our first offering, our vision is to build the next generation business solutions using mobile technologies. With our focus on technology and passion on our goals, we are committed to bring to our clients the most cost effective mobile solutions to enhance their businesses and increase their profits. We are proud to be your technology partner, and you can have the trust in us that we want your business to grow as much as you do.

  • Why iPhone / iPodTouch?

    2 main reasons, Usability and Cost:

    Usability is one of the main reasons why the iPhone sold almost 30 million units (as of Q2 2009) in a little over 2 years. Most people regard the iPhone’s usability as ‘experience changing’. It raises the bar of how touch screen devices should be built. The high usability makes the iPhone and the iPod Touch the best input device for general data collection to-date.

    The second reason is the cost of the device. A traditional data collection device (like the ones from Symbol Technologies) cost over $1000.00 a piece. With the iPhone and the iPod Touch, one can start with as little as $99.00 for an iPhone 3G or $229.00 for an iPod Touch.

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