Form Building 102: Building Smart Forms (10/26/16)

Oct 28

Form Building 102: Building Smart Forms (10/26/16)

Are you getting the highest value out of your forms?

Webinar Recording Overview

The power of smart controls can make a world of difference. On Wednesday, October 26, 2016 iFormBuilder hosted a free 60 minute training session on Smart form design. During this hour-long session, Jonathan Hsu built on the knowledge of basic form building from last month’s webinar. Enjoy this webinar as Jon takes you under the hood of the inspection form to learn about conditional values, validations, and modifications. Understand how to use Page-level JavaScript, how to dynamically fill elements, and much more. To assist you, Jon has attached the form packages below so that you can import them into your own account and take a closer look!

The webinar is designed for members of the iFormBuilder community who are:

  • Form Builders who would like to start adding Smart Control functions within their form.
  • Form Builders who would like a refresher course on how to add Smart Controls.

Topics explored

  • What a ‘Smart’ form looks like
  • Best Practices for Form Building
  • Demo of a Form with a “Smart” workflow
  • Defaulting form fields
  • Conditionally show and hide elements

Training Resources

*For more resources on this course, please review the downloadable Slide Deck PDF for this webinar located under this list.  There are links to all of the topics that were discussed.

Download Slide Deck

Form Resources

Here is the Form Package containing both the basic and enhanced versions of the Elevator Inspection demo forms. Feel free to import the package, deconstruct it, or build off of it. Use the URL below with the iFormBuilder Package Import to load the form onto your own profile. Copy the URL, then paste it in the Select from URL section of the Package Import interface.

Basic Elevator Inspection Form Package

Advanced Elevator Inspection Form Package[Enhanced]/field_1917492148581392a479e7d.json

About the Presenter


Jonathan Hsu is a Solutions Engineer at Zerion Software. He designs and delivers training content for both iFormBuilder and the Dataflow Automation. Jonathan has practiced martial arts for over 20 years and enjoys teaching anything and everything. He is always excited to answer any questions about iFormBuilder or Dataflow Automation. Email Jonathan at