Beyond Forms

[fancy_box]iFormBuilder is not just the sum of its collected forms, it’s much, much more. With industry leading logic frameworks, offline capabilities, and management systems, iFormBuilder is the most powerful mobile data collection platform anywhere. Ask our customers, or speak with our legendary support staff: iFormBuilder doesn’t just take your business out of the paper world, it creates data collection solutions you didn’t know were possible.[/fancy_box]

iFormBuilder Dispatch

Dispatch transforms iFormBuilder into a simple yet effective work-order management system. As the platform continues to be a robust data collection tool, iFormBuilder can now be used to create work-orders, task-orders or tickets. Assignments can be created on the server and dispatched to your mobile work-force in real-time. With mobile dispatch, mobile workers can now receive work assignments wherever they are. Users can send acknowledgments back to the server, or reassign tickets to another mobile worker on the fly. Combined with Zerion Mobile Behaviors (ZMB), complex routing can be created based on the data collected in the field. With on-site emailing, mobile workers can now ?leave behind? a work receipt at the client location. Try it for yourself with our FREE 30-day trial offer. All you need is our FREE iForm client to get started.

Benefits of iFormBuilder Dispatch include

  • Create pre-populated records on the server
  • Assign records to mobile users
  • Push notifications



  • Server acknowledgement
  • Record reassignment
  • Onsite email



Works Anywhere ? No Coverage? No Problem!

We designed our system to work in optimal or poor conditions. With a native thick client, network coverage is not required to collect data. All data collected is stored locally and can be uploaded to the server when network connectivity is available. Our specialized synchronization logic is designed to work even when network coverage is less than optimal. It works in extreme conditions such as disaster recovery and public events.

Some benefits of a Native  Client include:
  • Online or offline data collection
  • Synchronization in spotty coverage
  • Native form rendering
  • Local data cache


Zerion Mobile Behaviors(ZMB)

ZMB is the industry?s most comprehensive form behavior framework which allows for unprecedented flexibility. From simple skip logic and calculation logic to inter-form data communication. While most mobile solutions allow you to create simple skip logic, iFormBuilder provides a complete mobile experience, allowing you to create a mobile centric work flow.

Benefits of Zerion Mobile Behaviors (ZMB)